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Welcome to the web site of the International Psychoanalytical Studies Organization (IPSO).

IPSO is comprised of candidates in psychoanalytic training throughout the world. Despite our cultural diversity, we share the common goals of maintaining the highest educational standards, promoting scientific and intellectual study and exchange, and advocating for representation within our institutes as well as within the international psychoanalytic community. The Organization includes four regions: Europe, North and South America, and Asia. For more about the Organization, please click on The Institution.

Good News: Trying to give an answer of the nature of the 'crisis in psychoanalisis', the IPA has created a new strategy called Developing Psychoanalytic Practice and Training (DPPT). Find out more...

XIth IPSO Europe Meeting
We are pleased to announce that our next European Meeting will be held in AMSTERDAM. The theme of the IPSO congress will be: THE CANDIDATE, THE THIRD AND BEYOND. Learn More...

Tyson Prize: This prize, funded by Dr. Robert L.Tyson, dates from 2005. It is awarded for the best published or unpublished clinical paper written by a candidate in the two previous years. (click here for more) Premio Tyson (En Espanol)

IPSO Research: International Perspective on Psychoanalytic Training and Local Institutional Culture

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