2003 IPSO Journal

Under the new IPA strategy called Developing Psychoanalytic Practice and Training (DPPT) the IPA has agreed to set aside $300,000 to fund projects which aim to increase the number of analytic patients and candidates.

The first stage is for an applicant to address an Expression of interest to the IPA Executive Committee. This could be done at any time. This short document should include:

a) The name of the project leader and key participants
b) An explanation ( one page maximum) of what the project is seeking to achieve and the steps by which it will achieve it.
c) A rough timetable for the accomplishment of different stages and the target date for completion.
d) Plans for monitoring project progress.
e) Plans for evaluating and reporting results.
f) A synopsis of the project budget, including details of any agreed alternative, partial funding.
g) The breadth of the support demonstrated for the project amongst the psychoanalytic community in the geographical area of its application.

Once an Expression of Interest is approved applicants will receive details of how to make a Full Application. For more info contact [email protected]

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